All About Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Do you desire to own a bottom like Shakira’s or JLo’s? These female famous people definitely have  butts to die for. Their well-endowed buttocks that wiggle flirtatiously as they walk are the envy of  many women. But did you know that you can have a beautiful buttock, too? Thanks to Brazilian butt lift aesthetic operation.

Brazilian butt lift or simply butt augmentation is one of the most common aesthetic surgical operations  adult females undergo today. It is a type of surgical process that requires the transfer of fats from one area of  the behind to another to accomplish a more contoured look. Brazilian buttock lift affords women a  curvy buttock without the hassle of undergoing unrelenting physical exercise. The process involves  suctioning excess fats from the buttock and even the stomach, and then injecting the suctioned fats  into the areas to be cosmetically corrected. Brazilian butt augmentation is wanted over other  procedures that involve implants because of smaller danger of infection.

There may be a lot of reasons why an individual prefers to undergo this type of aesthetic  surgical operation. The first and the most obvious one is to enhance one’s over-all beauty. A firm and  well-contoured buttock is surely more catchy to the eyes compared to a loose one. Aside  from that, a visually-appealing butt also projects juvenility – that something most people  want to have.

Buttocks augmentation offers women a solution to imperfectly-shaped buttocks. Because of this  procedure, many women won’t have to worry about not being able to get into tight jeans and sexy swim  wear. Brazilian buttock lift corrects the frame of the bottom so that women may feel confident enough  to show off their sexy bottoms wherever, whenever.

Brazilian buttocks augmentation is normally done in two major steps. First step is suction lipectomy, or  removing extra fat tissues from donors such as the thigh, stomach or abdomen. The fat is suctioned  through a small surgical incision where a tubing is inserted to suck out fats. The fat suctioned are then  prepared and made pure to ensure a good quality is used. Second step is fat injection. It is  during this phase that small measures of fats are carefully injected to the bottoms region. It  is very crucial that precise injection methods are observed to accomplish a more natural and  uniform look. A successful operation usually involves a hundred micro injections around the  buttocks.

Just like any other operation, extra caution after undergoing buttocks augmentation process is  advised to avoid any complications. The patient is usually advised not to sit flat on the  buttocks for at least three weeks after Brazilian buttock lift procedure. It is also recommended to  wear special apparels to hold and preserve the contour of the buttocks especially if the  patient needs to go back to work after a couple of weeks. Modest pain and swelling may be  noticed during the first six weeks, though a patient can go back to her normal activities after  four weeks.

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